Click here to download the free version, for use up to 8 factors.

Causal Determinant it is a simple software of applying

The Determinant Causal software is easy to apply for the determination of the cause root of any problem. However it requests attentive professionals and knowing people of the problem. It is fundamental that a problem (or symptom of a problem) is detected and that, through a brainstorming it is made a list of potentials causal factors. The analysis of the main causal factor, that is, of the cause root, it should be done by two or three experts of the problem with the comparison being done by consensus. The final result points the cause root, other important causal factors and spurious factors or effects.

The installation is fast and simplified

The installation of the software, in the operating system Windows, is very fast and simple. The version "free" (a simple demo) have only seven possible causal factors, but it makes possible that the user evaluates the simplicity and potentiality of the tool. The professional version allows up to 25 causal factors. The license is for one year and the software can be sent to the buyer with the logo of the company. The software can be used in the languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Modern interface without complication

The interface with the user is a fundamental part of a software; it is the visible part of the system, through the one which, he communicates to accomplish their tasks. The interface can become a motivation source and to, depending on their characteristics, a great tool for the user. But, if she is badly projected the interface can change in a decisive point in the rejection of a system.

Thinking about this was created the Causal Determinant software, basing on the most modern programming resources with a simple and uncomplicated interface for the final user.


01/04/2014 - Version 1.5 reviewed

25/02/2014 - Free version released

01/12/2013 - Version 1.5 English


A simple, well designed and easy interaction software. Streamlined much the descisões in our company, not counting the value of envestimento which was virtually zero.