Choose the software modality that meets your needs below:
  • Free (basic package)

    • 7 Factors
    • No support
    • UC-CIS logo
  • Pro

    • 25 Factors
    • E-mail support
    • UC-CIS logo

Free version has time of use?

The free version available on the website stores up to 10 Cases; from there it is necessary to delete a case to insert another one. Each case, in the free version, supports up to 8 factors or 8 potential causes. A factor can be described with a maximum of 60 characters. The version can be run in Portuguese, English or Spanish.
The last page can be printed, but in the free version available on the website, the print comes out with the UC-CIS logo, Corporate University owns the software rights.
The software can be operated in Portuguese, Spanish or English.
In the Professional version it supports up to 28 potential causes.

The DC software can be supplied with the logo of the acquiring company only in the Professional version. Customization This version costs around $7 and can be requested by e-mail: suporte.dcata@lifetools.com.br.

Is there support for installing the Free version?

As it is a free version, there is no support whatsoever.
Only the installation manual is provided for download together with the software.


01/04/2014 - Versão 1.5 Revisada

25/02/2014 - Versão Free Lançada

01/12/2013 - Versão 1.5 Inglês


A simple, well planned and easy to interact software. It greatly streamlined the decisions in our company, not counting the amount of the investment, which was practically zero.